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 Contact us

Contact us:

Phone: 718-333-0732 , Monday - Friday 11am-4pm EST

Fax: 718-676-2139

To contact us via the Internet, click on the hyperlink below:
* Info@herbhealer.com

If you prefer to contact us by regular mail, here is our mailing address:

Herbhealer Inc
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If you wish to place an order without credit card you will need to the following:

Write down on a sheet of paper list and quantities of all items you wish to purchase along with their prices as listed on the website.

Sum up the total value of all the items in your list and add the shipping charges to the total.

To determine what you shipping charge will be see this information here: http://www.herbhealer.net/store/info.asp?iid=3

Write down on the same sheet of paper your full name, shipping address, and phone number.

Write out a check or money order payable to HerbHealer.

Mail your item list and check/money order to the address shown above.



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Attention: You should always consult a doctor before using any folk medicine herbs, oitments and tinctures.
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