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 BITTNER BALSAM 100 Milliliters / 100 A
BITTNER BALSAM  100 Milliliters /   100   A     
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Eng: BITTNER BALSAM 100 Milliliters
Rus: 100
SKU: 20006
Country: Austria
Manufacturer: Austria

Our Price: $17.95

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20006 BITTNER BALSAM  100 Milliliters

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500 year old European Remedy to rejuvenate vital organs, improve regularity, aid digestion, cleanse the system
"Old Manuscript" - the 46 points dated back to 18 th century.
(transcript of Bitter Balzam curative power)

1. If they are frequently breathed in or sniffed, the base of the scull is moistened or a moistened cloth applied to the head, they dispel pain and dizziness and strengthen the brain and memory.
2. They help weak eyes and take away redness and all pain, even if the eyes are inflamed. They rid them of spots and cataracts, if the corners are moistened in time or a moistened piece of cloth is applied to the closed lids.
3. Pustulas and eczema of all kinds, as scabs in the nose or elsewhere on the body, are healed, if they are often and well moistened.
4. For toothache, a tablespoon of these drops is taken with a little water and kept in the mouth for a little while or the aching tooth is moistened. The pain soon eases and the putrefaction disappears.
5. Blisters on the tongue or other infirmities of the tongue are frequently moistened with the drops and healing soon occurs.
6. If the throat is hot or inflamed, so that food is only swallowed with difficulty, these drops are swallowed slowly, morning, noon and evening and they take away the heat and heal the throat.
7. For stomach cramps, 1 tablespoonful is taken.

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20006 BITTNER BALSAM 100 Milliliters


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