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  Herbs of Yarrow 50 gr. / 50 . A
 Herbs of Yarrow 50 gr. /   50 .   A     
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Eng: Herbs of Yarrow 50 gr.
Rus: 50 .
SKU: 80335
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: Arnika

Our Price: $4.00

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80335  Herbs of Yarrow 50 gr.

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Arnika Herbs of Yarrow 50 gr. Yarrow is one of the best diaphoretic herbs and is a standard remedy for aiding the body to deal with the common cold and fevers. It lowers blood pressure due to a dilation of the peripheral vessels, stimulates digestion and tones the blood vessels. Yarrow helps regulate the menstrual cycle, reduces heavy bleeding and eases menstrual pain. As a urinary antiseptic it is indicated in infections such as cystitis. Preparations of yarrow flower have been shown to stimulate the gastric juices, this would account for yarrows effectiveness as a tonic, with improved digestion of foods, which is due to the presence of bitter substances in the blossoms. The smell of yarrow is also helpful in reducing stress felt, and aids in restful sleep.
Yarrow exhibits diaphoretic, hypotensive, astringent, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-microbial, bitter, and hepatic properties. The high content of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus minerals in yarrow makes it a useful candidate for muscle spasms, depression, hypertension, muscle weakness, convulsions, confusion, personality changes, nausea, lack of coordination and gastrointestinal disorders. Used externally, it will aid in the healing of wounds.

Usage: place 3 table spoons of herb in a glass of boiling water (200ml). Cover and wait 15 min. Then wait to cool down for 45 min. Remove seeds and fill up remained liquid to 200ml of boiled water up to 1 glass. Take 1 table spoon of tincture 3 times per day 30 min before meal.

Coca: aye, aopa, ypaua, ycyca, uoaepuaoa ucom, umou, mau, uoxuo.

Oaae pooocae, pooocaaa, eeo, ooo, oeo ece.
oaa: eoe, ee, aoe, eoppoae pooee, ooc; aoea ee, eyoo-eoo paa, aepocepo, pe.
Coco pee o: yp e aco (15,0:200,0) o 1 c. oe 3 paa e a 30 y o e.

80335 Herbs of Yarrow 50 gr.


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