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 ersen Night (Forte )20 Capsules / - 20 . A
ersen  Night (Forte )20 Capsules / -  20 .   A     
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Eng: ersen Night (Forte )20 Capsules
Rus: - 20 .
SKU: 12083
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: JSC Altayvitaminy

Our Price: $19.95

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N18F Persen  Night (Forte )20 Capsules

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Persen's effectiveness comes from the combination of several different plants. Valerian (Valerians officinalis) has sedative properties and decreases irritation and tension that appear after physical exertion and emotional and mental stress. In cases of insomnia Valerian reestablishes normal sleep patters and produces an anti-spasmodic action. Peppermint is effective in cases of light insomnia. Lemon mint produces an additional sedative effect and increases appetite.

Use in cases of astheno-neurotic syndrome (morning tiredness), fatigue, excitement, irritability, nervous tension, depression, decrease of memory, decreased attention span, sweating of the palms of the hands, anxiety and insomnia.

Do not use in cases of hypersensitivity, low blood pressure, ulcer of the stomach or the upper small intestines (duodenum).

Recommended dosage: Take 2 tablets or 1 capsule 2 to 3 times daily. In cases of insomnia take 2 tablets or 1 capsule 1 hour before bedtime. Children over twelve take 1 tablet from 1 to 3 times daily.

Side effects include allergic reactions.

Coca: cmpam aepua - 25 , cmpam m nepeo - 25 , cmpam m uoo - 25 .

Coca: cmpam aepua - 125 , cmpam m nepeo - 25 , cmpam m uoo - 25 .

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oaa: ycaoc, oac ypo cpay oce ca oce eoo eco apy; papa-eoc, ycea apeoc oaeoc, eccoa, apye oepa a, ocaee a.
Coco pee o: yp poc o 2 pae 3 paa e 1 acyy a ac o ca.

N18F Persen Night (Forte )20 Capsules


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