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 lerian Tincture 25 Milliliters / 25 . A
lerian  Tincture 25 Milliliters /   25 .   A     
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Eng: lerian Tincture 25 Milliliters
Rus: 25 .
SKU: 20066
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: JSC Altayvitaminy

Our Price: $3.25

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2V6 Valerian  Tincture 25 Milliliters

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This tincture contains Valerian root in a 70% spirit solution. Valerian is widely used as a sedative against insomnia, states of nervous excitement, and neurosis. In addition Valerian works against cardiovascular system diseases, coronary vessels spasms and accelerated heartbeat. This tincture also has favorable action against thyroid gland problems. To relieve high blood pressure inhale Valerian tincture before going to bed through each nostril for one and one-half minutes. Valerian`s effectiveness increases during systematic and long-term use. Valerian does not provide fast relief for the cardiovascular system, long-term application (2 to 4 months) considerably reduces blood pressure.

Recommended dosage: Adults dilute 20 or 30 drops of this tincture in warm water 3 to 4 times daily. For children, the number of drops should equal their age.

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2V6 Valerian Tincture 25 Milliliters


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