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 Befungin (Birch Tree Fungus Extract) Digestion Supplement, 100 mL
Befungin (Birch Tree Fungus Extract) Digestion Supplement, 100 mL     
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Eng: Befungin (Birch Tree Fungus Extract) Digestion Supplement, 100 mL
Rus: Бeфунгин 100 мл.--Чага
SKU: 20026
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: Tatchimpharmpreparaty

Our Price: $16.50

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20026 Befungin (Birch Tree Fungus Extract) Digestion Supplement, 100 mL


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Description.—White agaric (Agaricus albus) is in masses varying from the size of an ordinary apple to that of a large nutmeg-melon; its shape somewhat resembles a horse's hoof; it is reddish-grey or yellowish externally, whitish internally, and of a spongy, friable consistence; hymenium concrete; substance of the hymenium consisting of subrotund pores, with their simple dissepiments; pileus corky-fleshy, ungulate, zoned, smooth; pores yellowish; it has a feeble odor, and a bitter, acrid, somewhat sweetish taste.
History.—The various medicinal substances, included under the elastic name Agaric, are obtained from various plants of the fungous tribe. These plants afford a great diversity of form and structure, being in their simplest character little articulated filaments composed of chains of cellules, as in the mildew of the rose bush, and in moldiness, mucor; again, they may present an even and imperforate surface, and another separated into plates or cells, in which the sporules are deposited. They absorb a great amount of oxygen with evolution of hydrogen and carbonic acid gas, and contain considerable proportions of nitrogen. They are destructive to nearly all organic matter upon which they grow. According to recent nomenclature, "the genus Boletus, as now constituted, includes only fleshy species, with a hymenium composed of separable tubes. Those species formerly included in Boletus (many of which have corky or woody tissues) and the hymenium of which is composed of pores not separable from the pileus or from each other, form the genus Polyporus." The Polyporus officinalis, Fries (Boletus laricis, Jacquin), is procured from Asia, Corinthia, Russia, and Central America, where it is found growing upon the larch. It is collected in August and September, deprived of its outer covering, and then dried and bleached in the sun. It is exceedingly difficult to pulverize in a mortar, but may be readily powdered by grating through a sieve.
This substance is generally known in Eclectic medicine as Boletus laricis, hence that term is here retained though the fungus is properly a Polyporus, and should be known by that name.

Dosage: Shake the bottle well. Prepare following mixture: mix 3 tea spoons with 150ml of warm boiled water. Then take 1 table spoon of mixture 3 times a day 30 min before meal. Recommended course time is 3-5 months.

Аналогичные Препараты на Чаге

Cocтaв: noлyгycmoй экcmpaкm чaгu - meкyчaя жuдкocmъ meмнo~кopuч-нeвoгo џвema гopъкoгo вкyca.

Oблaдaeт тoнизиpyющим и бoлeyтoляющим дeйcтвиeм.
Пoкaзaния: Оказывает общетонизирующее и болеутоляющее действие. Применяют при хронических гастритах, дискинезиях желудочно-кишечного тракта с явлениями атонии, при язвенной болезни желудка. Назначают также в качестве симптоматического средства, улучшающего общее состояние онкологических больных.

Принимают внутрь. Перед употреблением флакон с бефунгином ввбалтывают, разводят 3 чайные ложки препарата в 150 мл теплой кипяченой воды. Принимают по 1 столовой ложке З раза в день за полчаса до еды. Лечение проводят обычно длительно (3 - 5 мес). При необходимости проводят повторные курсы с перерывами 7 - 10 дней..
Cпocoб пpимeнeния и дoзы: внyтpь. 3 чaйныe лoжки paзбaвляют 1 5O мл тeплoй кипячeнoй вoды и пpинимaют пo 1 cтoлoвoй лoжкe 3 paзa в дeнь зa ЗO минyт дo eды в тeчeниe 3-5 мecяцeв. Пpи нeoбxoдимocти кypc пoвтopяют чepeз 7-1O днeй.

20026 Befungin (Birch Tree Fungus Extract) Digestion Supplement, 100 mL


Attention: You should always consult a doctor before using any folk medicine herbs, oitments and tinctures.
Внимание: консультируйтесь с вашим врачом прежде чем использовать какие либо средства народной медицины.

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