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 dula Marygold Infusion 25ml / 25. A
dula  Marygold Infusion 25ml /   25.   A     
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Eng: dula Marygold Infusion 25ml
Rus: 25.
SKU: 2Kalendula
Country: Russia
Manufacturer: JSC Altayvitaminy

Our Price: $8.95

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2Kalendula  Marygold Infusion 25ml

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This tincture contains Marigold flowers in 70 % alcohol spirits. Marigold tincture has anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and bile-expelling properties. It is used to clean cuts, festering wounds, burns, acne and other skin diseases as well as to treat inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Marigold is recommended for use at the early stages of high blood pressure. This tincture helps stop headaches during menopause and contributes to overall well being for woman at this time. Marigold tincture is also used to treat cardiac diseases that produce irregular palpitations and for angina. It can also treat ulcers and inflammation in the stomach and upper small intestines ( duodenum).
Recommended dosage: For external use and gargling dilute 30 drops ( one teaspoon) in one glass of warm water. To treat acne soak cotton pads in diluted tincture and then apply for 30 minutes. Replace pads each 15 minutes

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2Kalendula Marygold Infusion 25ml


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