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 crine Herbal Remedies - Pantocrine 50 ml / Пантокрин 50 мл. купить в Aмерике онлайн
crine   Herbal Remedies - Pantocrine  50 ml / Пантокрин 50 мл. купить в Aмерике онлайн     
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Eng: crine Herbal Remedies - Pantocrine 50 ml
Rus: Пантокрин 50 мл.
SKU: 2Pantocrine
Country: Ukraine
Manufacturer: Ukranian Medical Area

Our Price: $19.95

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2Pantocrine   Herbal Remedies - Pantocrine  50 ml

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Also available as Other Pantocrine products

Pantocrin is extracted from deer antlers and is mainly used as an adaptogen with strong healing properties. Short-term use of Pantocrine quickly improves energy level, helps to build muscular strength, stamina, increases libido, and sexual function by rejuvenating reproductive and endocrine organs. Long-term effect of Pantocrine demonstrates reversal of aging processes in internal organs. Among many of the beneficial effects of Pantocrine are the following:

· Rejuvenation and Aging Reversal: Pantocrine was shown to reduce signs of aging, improve memory, increase body muscle mass, and bone density. Recent studies in Russia and Japan show that Pantocrine use promotes production of Human Growth Hormone, which reverses aging processes in the body.
· Increase in Libido and Sexual Performance: Pantocrine increases circulation in reproductive organs and stimulates production of testosterone and its metabolites.
· Regeneration Of Heart Muscle: cardiac muscle fatigue may develop as a result of chronic hypertension, disorders of circulation, ischemia, diabetes and prolonged psychological stress. Pantocrine improves cardiac circulation and metabolism.
· Blood Building Effect: Pantocrine is effective in fighting anemias and is able to increase levels of blood cells and hemoglobin in the body. Pantocrine facilitates utilization of oxygen by liver, brain, kidney and endocrine organs.
· Stress Defense: Pantocrine is shown to be effective in treatment of mental and muscular fatigue, asthenia, neuroses, stress-related disorders, low immunity and hypotension.
· Osteoporosis Treatment and Prevention: by increasing bone density Pantocrine prevents pathologic fractures that develop in 50% of females and 20% of males with osteoporosis.
· Bone Healing and Recovery From Traumatic Injury: Pantocrine increases levels of glucose in bones and stimulates faster deposition of calcium and phosphate salts into healing bones and cartilages.
· Anti-Arthritis Remedy: Because Pantocrine stimulates growth and healing in all the tissues, it is been shown to reduce symptoms of arthritis.
· Recovery After Major Surgeries and Acute Infectious Disorders: Pantocrine is invaluable during recovery period where it aids in healing and building back muscle mass, increasing cardiac strength.
· Unique Composition: all essential amino acids, including tryptophane, lysine, glycine, methionine and others. Cartilage components contain anti-inflammatory substances, chondroitin sulfate,glucosamine, glucosamnglycans.
How to use Pantocrine:
Adults and children over 12:
25-40 drops 30 min before food intake 2-3 times a day during 3-4 weeks. If necessary, course can be administered up to 4 times a year.

also available as 20081 Herbal Remedies - Pantocrin 50 ml

Так же имеется в наличии Другие разновидности Пантокрин

Пантокрин (Pantocrinum) - жидкий спиртовой экстракт из неокостенелых рогов (пантов) марала, пятнистого оленя, изюбра.

Выпускаются также таблетки пантокрина, изготовляемые из массы, получаемой при выпаривании жидкого экстракта. Одна таблетка соответствует по активности 10- 20 каплям жидкого пантокрина.

Применяют пантокрин в качестве тонизирующего средства:

при переутомлении; неврастении; неврозах; астенических состояниях после острых инфекционных заболеваний; при слабости сердечной мышцы; при половой слабости; гипотонии.

2Pantocrine Herbal Remedies - Pantocrine 50 ml


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