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 L PHYTOLYSIN Paste 100 ml / Фитолизин 100 мл купить в Aмерике онлайн
L  PHYTOLYSIN Paste 100 ml / Фитолизин 100 мл купить в Aмерике онлайн     
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Eng: L PHYTOLYSIN Paste 100 ml
Rus: Фитолизин 100 мл
Country: Poland
Manufacturer: Poland

Our Price: $32.95

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Phytolysin - an original herbal complex from Eastern Europe-was designed to support kidney health, purify urine, fight urinary infections and, most importantly, facilitate excretion of urinary stones.

Phytolysin is a combination of herbs, mixed with essential lipids into paste for oral administration, which absorbs quickly in the body and doesn’t get neutralized by liver enzymes or stomach acidity. Phytolysin delivers active ingredients directly into one’s kidney, where they start dissolving urinary stones while purifying kidney and reducing inflammation..

All of the components of Phytolysin are side effect free and completely natural. Here is a list of some of them: Marshmallow Root (Althea officinalis). This herb is one of the best kidney purifier and demulcent (demulcent means soothing and slippery). As stones move from system, demulcent herbs may help ease their passage. Parsley (Petroselinum sativum). It is an incredible anti-inflammatory kidney supplement. It is a natural diuretic with healing properties. Makes a great supplement for a kidney stone sufferer. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). Dandelion has amazing kidney health properties because of its mineral content. It has splendid effect on the liver and kidney health, promoting healing in those organs. Goldenrod (Solidago Canadensis). This is another herb capable of dissolving and removing kidney stones. Anti-inflammatory properties of Goldenrod facilitate healing process in kidney. In addition Phytolysin contains essential oils of mint, salvia, pine tree, orange and vanilla..

Phytolysin can be recommended as a kidney health supplement and kidney purifier during and after urinary infections. Its natural antibiotic activity helps to prevent recurrence of chronic cystitis, which affects millions of American women. Phytolysin works as a spasmolytic, reducing pain of renal colic and urinary frequency. People who are prone to develop urinary concrements and patients with existing kidney stones should take Phytolysin on daily basis to dissolve the concrements and to prevent formation of new ones..

If you are concerned about you kidney health, you may safely choose Phytolysin, as a supplement-it has no known side effects; it is well tolerated and produces stable natural results with regular use.

Dossage: Adults: dissolve 1 tea spoon of paste in 1/2 glass of warm water, and take 3-4 times a day after meal. Children: 1/4-1/2 tea spoon 3 times a day, based on child's age.

Фармакологическое действие: Комбинированный препарат растительного происхождения, обладает мочегонным и противовоспалительным действием, способствуя вымыванию песка и мелких конкрементов из почечных лоханок и мочеточников, а также спазмолитическим и противомикробным действием. Показания: Нефролитиаз (особенно в случае невозможности оперативного лечения), инфекции мочевыводящих путей, нефролитиаз (профилактика рецидивов), хронический калькулезный пиелонефрит. Противопоказания: Гломерулонефрит. Режим дозирования: Взрослые: 1 ч.ложку пасты разводят в 1/2 стакана теплой воды и принимают 3-4 раза в сутки после еды. Дети: 1/4-1/2 ч.ложки пасты, 3 раза в сутки, в зависимости от возраста. Побочные эффекты: Аллергические кожные реакции.



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