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Vein problems affect millions of people. Almost 25% of women suffer from various vein disorders, which includes varicose veins .Varicose veins are enlarged,bulging and tortuous blood vessels often associated with leg swelling and pain. There is an inherited tendency to varicose veins, but obstruction to blood flow is responsible in some cases. In most of people varicous veins do not pose a serious health problem and can be effectively treated with natural remedies.

TROXEVASIN is a highly effective natural supplement for healthy circulation and vein function. Main ingredient in TROXEVASIN is Rutin, or vitamin P. Rutin belongs to a group of bioflavonoids-natural anti-inflammatory agents, which, if used topically, are able to diminish capillary permeability and edema, as well as reduce vascular inflammation.
TROXEVASIN increases firmness of veins and capillaries, which prevents formation of new varicosities and reduces risk of blood clots in swollen veins. Effectiveness of TROXEVASIN has been proven in multiple clinical studies in Europe where it’s been used as an alternative to surgical treatment of varicose vein disease.
TROXEVASIN helped many people to avoid painful surgeries and to improve venal health and appearance.
TROXEVASIN is side effect free and produces the best results in combination with oral administration of vitamin “C”. In the USA TROXEVASIN is available in a form of gel for topical application.
Because TROXEVASIN has anti-allergic properties and prevents redness and swelling, there never been recorded any allergic or hypersensitivity reaction to this supplement. TROXEVASIN can be recommended alone or in combination with other natural remedies for ideal venal function and healthy circulation.
Dr. Oksana Kless

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