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ESSENTIALE FORTE N has been one of the most often prescribed pharmaceutical agents in Western and Eastern Europe for the last two decades. 100% natural and side effects -free, this originally formulated complex saved many lives and is nothing short of a medical miracle. Here is how I discovered ESSENTIALE.


In 1984, when I became a student of Kiev’s Medical Institute, life could not look better. I enjoyed good health and had great plans for my future. Little did I know about how demanding and stressful student’s life actually is. As a medical student one is usually forced to study several hours per day, living under constant pressure of school’s curriculum and fear of failing and been expelled. Many students usually cut on the sleep hours, stop exercising and start neglecting their diet. I wasn’t an exception. After all, I thought, I only could benefit from skipping a meal or two and loosing that extra few pounds, right? So I did for almost five years of my studies until…well, I turned into a different person. Constantly tired, overweight (at some point I reached 80-kg point-it is almost 170 pounds), depressed, I also was constantly hungry from skipping meals-and still gaining weight! My hair was falling out, my complexion was terrible, my gums were bleeding-and, on the top of that, I had constant abdominal ache. To keep my weight down and feel less hungry, I drunk several cups of strong coffee per day and began to smoke, while my symptoms only grew worse. My last year in the medical school was the hardest one, too – I struggled to get through the day, popping pain relieving remedies by handful. One afternoon I collapsed in a terrible pain-worse then I ever had in my life. I  was screaming in agony; it felt as if somebody stubbed me with a knife in a mid abdomen. It took almost an hour and several pain killers to bring the pain down when I was able to breathe and talk again. Two hours later I noticed that my skin and eyes turned yellow. I instantly knew what happened. As result of my stressful life and poor habits I developed a gallbladder stone. It silently grew large day after day until it was big enough to block bile flow in my liver ducts completely. Obstruction resulted into back-up of bile, pushing it back into the very cells that produced it; eventually my liver cells started to burst with pressure and bile leaked into bloodstream, causing jaundice.
Jaundice is a toxic syndrome where yellow skin and eyes discoloration is only a minor problem. Human bile contains a chemical called  bilirubin, which is harmless if excreted with bile into intestinal lumen, but can cause a lot of harm if pushed back into bloodstream. Small amount of bilirubin is produced in our bodies daily as a waste product and has to be eliminated by liver and kidneys. As a result of liver damage bilirubin re-enters the circulation and enters cells of brain and other vital organs, poisoning them and disrupting their metabolism. Jaundice may be a resul?


 Phytolysin Maintains Kidney Health Naturally



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